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Linen Love

May 10, 2013

The Raw Material



There’s nothing more blissful than drifting off against a backdrop of pleasingly crumpled linen. Transform your bedroom into a casual, relaxing retreat by layering soft cotton bedding with lightweight delicate linens that not only look the part but also get better with age and feel wonderful to sleep on! Combine calm and natural tones with soft dusty pinks and faded yellows to add to the overall softness to the look.

C&C Milano

A designer who’s ‘passion for linen and ability to respond to contemporary demands with modern elegance’ is one of my current obbessions….


C&C Milano is one of the most elegantly chic designers I’ve seen. Their exquisite fabrics made in natural fibres of the highest quality echo the dynamic spirit of the Italian lifestyle. C & C Milano offers innovation and the exclusivity of unique handmade items

Bring the a European freshness into your home…. the clean palette of white and neutrals, adding textures of fluid muslin with heavier cottons, padded or embossed and the weighty linens is the perfect canvas to add the sophisticated hues of pastels. They create a subtle, calming impact yet gently uplifting; reminiscent to those markets in the south of France. The crisp white cotton bedding with a throw of quilted cotton works so well on any bed.
Frame the window with simple linen curtains , adding white panels of white muslin which will give movement to this calm, clean picture,  from the breeze through the opened window. Polished or painted floor boards give the perfect background to add a stunning rug in pastel shades bringing together the atmosphere of calm and warmth.
I always love oval mirrors or rectangular and square, either plain or ornate with rounded corners. A beautiful ornate mirror, not only adds light and reflection, but resonates refined elegance.
Crystal, wooden or mirrored beside lamps with a simple neutral linen shade keep the balance of the composition. Maybe add a framed photograph to give your room a personal touch.
Keep the surfaces clear and uncluttered. Look out for beautiful containers in which to place the annoying coins and keys which tend to fall from pockets onto the bedroom floor! I found an old French wooden chocolate box (empty!) which had been used for display in a deli which was closing down. It’s so incredibly simple, in it’s design and use, I love it. Small glass or silver bowls, mirrored, wooden, or wicker containers all look lovely and work well for keeping jewellery together. I hate it when the unsightly necessities of modern living detract from the composition, so I tend to use similar containers or beautiful baskets or even an old painted plant pot, to keep my phone charger and keys in. Alternatively, a key box on the wall or a row of old hooks on which to hang them makes them into a feature rather than clutter. It also unclutters the mind because you know where they are!Raw materials provide the perfect canvas on which to decorate with personal, finishing touches.

Sublime Volga Linen’s


This company has become one of my favourite talking points..

Their linen brings a sublime comfort to any home. Eco-friendly and delicate, it brings a therapeutic and satisfying quality to a room. The integrity of spirit through its natural fibre establishes linen as a favourite for household furnishings, regardless of current fashion trends. Carefree or formal, coloured or neutral, linen is one of my favourite materials to create a timeless yet elegant setting.


There’s a reason it’s a style so endured..