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Essentially French

June 18, 2013

Bring the outdoors inside


So I’ve found my ultimate role model.. an antiquarian and stylist whose style swings from austerity to frivolity, that oozes perfect imperfection. She describes her focus on ‘the rustic’ and ‘the palette’, her interiors resonate a casual nonchalance, underscored by huge confidence. Josephine Ryan has completely captured me with her ‘Essentially French’ style of rustic calm. Glamour, mixed with informality and functionality, she encapsulates the idyllic home and lifestyle of rural France. After flicking through her book, ‘French Home’, I am desperate to share her exquisite style of the French taste….


The French taste


Picture 6


With such a love for France, it’s raw simplicity and pure quality of life, Ryan re-creates the enviable lifestyle that can be adapted to any home. Living in a quiet pocket in Brixton, yet frequently travelling from London to her home in Uzes, the south of France, Ryan shows just how her style can be brought anywhere. Her weather beaten, painted furniture, clotted cream walls and wooden shutters create the idyllic picture of rural French living.




Virlova Rural shabby chic04



Her rustic style is simple and chic. The interiors speak for themselves.. real architecture and antiques creates a blunt realness to the design.

Virlova Rural shabby chic08


River stone walls and wooden floor boards create works of art simply through their existence.








Virlova Rural shabby chic18


The interiors are timeless and encapsulate natural beauty. I adore them! Natural stone walls bring a ‘realness’ to the picture, they give a raw sense of character and an aesthetic strength that it would otherwise lack.


Virlova Rural shabby chic09


Virlova Rural shabby chic10


Virlova Rural shabby chic13


I absolutely love how Ryan rations her palate; decorating pieces of unadorned pine furniture, in grey, blue, cream and pastel paint colours.


The Exquisite rustic..





Luxurious living through raw simplicity; Ryan’s interiors, designed with a focus on the natural, resonate my perfect quality of life. As an antiques dealer for the past 20 years, her distinctive style embodies the ‘thrill of the find’ as she discovers one off pieces to unify the past and the present… in short, her interiors incorporate the ‘thrill’ of the a treasure hunt.

On a recent visit to the south of France, I was so excited gain ideas through her style.


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