A Utilitarian Beauty

January 25, 2014


The Beautiful brick Rough-hewn stone and well-worn vintage pieces create a raw-edged but warm interior. Clean and simple living where the buildings original features become the main focus of the design.   A simple no-frills kitchen, where raw honest materials are the essence – thin bare brick, smooth concrete and warm wood make for a […]

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Searching for a little French Essence?

January 12, 2014

Jumping in the garden

Vicki Archer Have you had the pleasure of reading Vicki Archer’s ‘French Essence’? I recently (admittedly a little behind time) came across her 2010 book and had to share the delights with you. If you haven’t read it, order it now. You are in for a stunning collection of beautiful photographs that will make you […]

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Merci Merci!

December 4, 2013


So on a recent trip to Paris I visited one of the most eclectic and inspirational stores.. Merci Paris! A concept store housed in an elaborately reconfigured 19th-century fabric factory. Inside, three loft-like floors heave with furniture, jewellery, fashion and household products. Merci contains an all encompassing “the one and the other” approach – you don’t […]

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Jean Louis Denoit

November 30, 2013


” I aim for my interiors to be eclectic chic as well as serene” – Jean Louis Denoit One of my new favourite finds, French interior designer Jean Louis Denoit who creates a “couture-style luxury”. Denoit’s approach lies in the architectural structure of his designs – emphasis lies on embellished shapes and proportions to create […]

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Essentially French

June 18, 2013


Bring the outdoors inside So I’ve found my ultimate role model.. an antiquarian and stylist whose style swings from austerity to frivolity, that oozes perfect imperfection. She describes her focus on ‘the rustic’ and ‘the palette’, her interiors resonate a casual nonchalance, underscored by huge confidence. Josephine Ryan has completely captured me with her ‘Essentially […]

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Linen Love

May 10, 2013


The Raw Material   There’s nothing more blissful than drifting off against a backdrop of pleasingly crumpled linen. Transform your bedroom into a casual, relaxing retreat by layering soft cotton bedding with lightweight delicate linens that not only look the part but also get better with age and feel wonderful to sleep on! Combine calm […]

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May day Inspiration

May 1, 2013


Kerrie Brown.. My latest find… positively jubilant to have found her! I’ve fallen in love with her textiles – quirky, playful and full of colour. An academy award nominee set director based in Sydney Australia, she is clearly a ‘ visual obsessive’! Having worked on the sets of The Chronicles of Narnia and Mission Impossible, she now brings […]

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Seasonal Changes…

April 30, 2013


Spring… Opening the curtains this morning… my spirits are finally lifted, there’s a chink of blue in the grey cloud that’s been hovering over us for months. Spring has finally arrived! Time to put away the cosy blankets and goose feather duvets. Say goodbye to the roaring log fires (I hope..). Winter it seems has […]

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Looking through the Lens…

April 15, 2013


The composition of the picture   A trip to Kettles Yard in Cambridge when I was a child inspired me to look at how even the humble pebble can be transformed into a work of art or, carefully arranged, a beautiful focal point. From that day, my passion for interiors has become a way of […]

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